Report Results

The Edge contains a number of meaningful reports, full of quality data to help you improve a variety of areas in your business.


Pull and analyze data about customers, inventory, and more so that you can take action. For example, if you want to see how much inventory you have in stock from a given vendor or how many pieces you sold from that vendor, selecting Inventory will call up those types of reports.


Cover Page
Depending on your System Options, the first page of most reports is the cover page. The cover page contains the report name, date, and the store.
Criteria Page
The second page of most reports is the criteria page. The criteria page lists who ran the report and the date along with selections for sorting, grouping, options, and search criteria. This page will vary greatly depending on the report and the options you selected.
Report Toolbar
Each report is presented with a toolbar at the top of the window.
  1. Export the report in a variety of formats.This data can include CSV files, RTF files, and various XLS files. If you select the data-only option, the file will not include report-style formatting. This option can be enabled in System Options.
  2. Refresh the report
  3. Toggle the Group Pane, which shows a tree view of the report results for easier navigation.
  4. Go to the first page of the report.
  5. Go to the previous page of the report.
  6. Go to the next page of the report.
  7. Go to the last page of the report.
  8. Go to a specific page of the report.
  9. Find a text string in the report.
  10. Adjust the zoom.
  11. Print the report. This will bring up the Windows print dialog. Use it to set your printing options, including options to print a page range that might exclude the report cover or criteria page.
  12. Export the report to a text file.
  13. Create a PDF version of the report.
  14. Close current report.
Report Links
Many report output fields include hyperlink functionality. For example, from the report window, select the item number or customer name and the item or customer record will open.


Reports are an integral part of your Edge experience. To learn more about how to work with results, including how to work with specific reports, click below or visit and search Reports.