Wish Lists

Allows your customers to create lists of desired products and can be set up to automatically notify their significant other, via text or email, when an item on their Wish List is added or changed.


Wish Lists can be an immense catalyst for your revenue stream. When a customer comes in to shop, with or for a significant other, they may not make a purchase that day but there could be several items they are interested in. Capturing this information is vital to marketing to them in the future. For example, a couple may come in and the wife comments on a few pieces she is interested in. By saving this information, the store can reach out to the husband on the next big occasion or holiday with suggestions for gift ideas for his wife. And by utilizing the Notification system, if the wife came in separately, the husband could be automatically notified of pieces she showed interest in.


  1. From POS, select the customer and use the Wish Lists button to create a new list. This can be done for items the store stocks or non-Edge items as well.
  2. The Wish List includes a spot to specify who should purchase and who it should be purchased for as well as a field to set up automatic notifications.
  3. Proactively use Wish Lists as a sales tool by keeping them updated and reminding customersaround major occasions or holidays.


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