A series of exciting updates have been added to the Repairs feature beginning with Edge version 24.1.


These updates will give you more control over functionality, additional options for tracking Repairs, and streamline the overall process, making it quicker and more efficient than ever before.


System Options
A series of new System Options were introduced giving you more control over Repairs, as well as Custom Jobs. These options can be found by going to Administrative → System Options → Repair Options, or by searching the desired option listed below.
Repair Loaded From Bought Item What To Do With Image: On Repair Intake when using Item # drop-down to select a bought item or a previous repair, this controls if/when an image should be brought in from the previous repair.
  • Always Copy: Always copies image to your new Repair.
  • Copy Within First 30 Days: Brings image over if the purchase or previous Repair was less than 30 days ago.
  • Never Bring Image Over: Never copies image to your new Repair.
Show Repair/Custom Job Adjustment Reason on Receipts: Controls whether the adjustment reason is printed on a receipt.
Require Job Location at Intake: Controls whether a job location is required to be chosen during the Repair/Custom Job intake process.
Protect Price on Repair SKU: If set to True, it requires the Associate Permission ‘Change Price for Jobs’ if the associate tries to change the price of an existing Repair SKU during Repair Intake or Repair Edit.
Repair/Custom Jobs
These are small updates made to the Repairs feature that extend to the Custom Jobs feature.
Filter by Frequently Used and Preserved
  • When looking up Repair SKUs (Administrative → Repair → Repair SKUs), there are 2 new checkboxes at the bottom that let you filter the list by SKUs marked ‘Frequently Used’ and/or ‘Preserve this SKU when re-importing price book’.
Show Cancel Date
  • When looking up Repairs or Custom Jobs using Services → Find → Job, the list now has a column to display Cancel Date.
Dashboards – Service Jobs by Location
  • New tiles were added to the Dashboards feature that will show Service Jobs (Repair, Custom Job, Special Order, and Appraisal) by their location.


To help you more easily deal with repairs, Repair Intakes also have updates. To learn more, and to download a tip sheet with all New for 2024 Repairs updates, click below or visit and search Repair Documents.