Tracking Service

The Edge gives you two ways to track repair jobs by Jeweler.
Option 1:
Allows you to add an associate to The Edge for the Vendor/ Jeweler (if you use outside Jewelers). This way you can mark them as “is a jeweler” on the associate record, which means they will appear in the WHO drop-down menu on the Repair Intake screen.


This permanently stays on the job, and allows you to track how many repairs this Jeweler/ Vendor has done, including the total cost/price you have sent to them.


To add an associate for the vendor:
  1. Go to Administrative → Associates → Add.
  2. Assign an ID number, then enter the vendor name into the first/last name fields.
  3. You would need to assign a password and select “is a jeweler.”
  4. On the Commission tab: Enter a 0 for commission since it's just for record keeping purposes unless they do get paid commission.
Then on the individual jobs, either at intake or after the fact, under Services → Find → Job you can use the WHO field on the tab to select this Vendor/ Jeweler.
To now run a report based on Jeweler:
  1. Navigate to Reports → Job → Breakdown.
  2. On the General tab:
  • Select the job you want to see.
  1. On the Status/Dates tab:
  • Enter your date criteria. For example: if you want picked up jobs, select “only picked up jobs” from the Picked Up drop-down field, then enter the date range in the When Picked Up date field.
  • Then you can select “only not canceled jobs” from the Canceled drop-down field.
  1. On the Options tab:
  • Check the boxes for Show Price and Show Cost.
  • Uncheck the boxes for Summary Only and Page Breaks.
  • In the Group By box, uncheck the boxes that are checked and instead check ONLY the boxes for Jeweler and Job #.
Note: This will give you ALL jobs grouped by Jeweler. If you want to run a report based on a single Jeweler you can instead use the JEWELER field on the Status/Dates tab.


To learn more about this feature, and to understand how to track repair jobs by location (the second option The Edge offers), click below or visit and search Tracking Service Jobs Based on Jeweler. Then stick around and see what other tools you can incorporate that will help you run your store more effectively!