top n customers

The Top “N” Customers report lists your highest-spending customers by asking you to provide the value of “n,” which indicates the number of top customers to include based on either amount tendered or merchandise totals.


This report is useful in determining your top customers for marketing purposes. Use the mailing button on the report toolbar to create a customer group/mailing list that can be used within the software or exported.


To generate your list of customers:
  1. First, go to Reports > Customers > Top N.
  2. Enter the desired amount of customers in the Top N box.
  3. Select a sale date range in the Sale Date field.
  4. In the Sold To field:
  • If you need ALL customers with an email, in the email field, type in =ANY (be sure to include the equal sign).
  • If you need ALL customers with an address, in the street field, type in =ANY (be sure to include the equal sign).
  1. You can define a specific Category or Vendor if needed, or you can select the "Based on Tender" box which will look at all sales (merchandise, custom/repair, misc sale, etc).
  2. Click OK to run the report.
  3. At the top of the report once generated, select the Mailing button.
  4. Then select "New List" and give it a unique name such as Top Watch Customers.
  5. Click OK to save


Ready to see more ways you can work with the Top “N” Customers report? Click the button below to launch the Edge User site and search Top “N” for more tips, including how to export your list of customers after you’ve generated it. Then continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.