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Join Us for free & educational seminars presented by The Edge Village.

Friday, June 10 - Monday, June 13th
10am - 4pm daily

A different seminar every 20-25 minutes. Seminars are repeated every day so you can fit them into your JCK schedule.

Larry Wieder

Larry Wieder

Senior Sales Executive


The Benefits of an Integrated Payment Gateway For Jewelry Businesses

Explore the latest payment trends in the jewelry industry and learn how an integrated payment processor can supercharge your jewelry business.

FRI - 10:00 am • SAT - 1:30 pm
SUN - 1:00 pm • MON - 12:00 noon

Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers

Owner/Chief Marketing Officer


Drive More Repeat Purchases and Acquire New Customers in an Easy and Cost-Effective Way

Learn how 2,000+ Independent Jewelers drive retail sales with our marketing programs.

FRI - 1:30 pm • SAT - 10:30 am
SUN - 10:00 am • MON - 11:30 am

Alex Fetanat​



Taking Your Jewelry Store to the Next Level

How to adapt to the new norm and take advantage to grow your jewelry store business.

FRI - 10:30 am • SAT - 2:00 pm
SUN - 12:00 noon • MON - 3:00 pm

Rick Arnemann


Harmon Group

Holiday Marketing Prep 101

From a checklist of key marketing tips to targeted social media campaigns, prepare your store for holiday 2022 success.

FRI - 12:30 pm • SAT - 1:00 pm
SUN - 11:30 am • MON - 10:30 am

David McDonald

David McDonald

Sr Dir of Product Mgmt

Jewelers Mutual

Grow your business with The Zing® Marketplace by Jewelers Mutual Group

Join this session for instruction on building your personal dashboard and streamline your day to day business through products that easily integrate with The Edge.

FRI - 1:00 pm • SAT - 10:00 am
SUN - 12:30 pm • MON - 3:30 pm

Stephen Alexander



Revolutionize your Customer Experience with the Lux Digital Vault

Break the barrier and get in your client’s phone. This technology increases revenues, insures clients, and is your new store-branded app.

FRI - 11:30 am • SAT - 3:00 pm
SUN - 2:00 pm • MON - 2:30 pm

Nancy Getz

Nancy Getz

Business Development


Jewelry & Watch Care Amazing New Asset for your Business

How to give your customers peace of mind, create continued brand loyalty and make a positive impact to your bottom-line.

FRI - 2:30 pm • SAT - 11:30 am
SUN - 3:30 pm • MON - 1:00 pm

Jesse Carrillo

Jesse Carrillo

Alliance Partner Dir


Search to Sold

Learn how the power of texting and other channels can grow your bottom line–Get Found. Increase Reviews. Convert Leads. Send Text Campaigns. Collect Payments. And Save Time.

FRI - 12:00 noon • SAT - 3:30 pm
SUN - 2:30 pm • MON - 10:00 am

Bryan Cockerham

Bryan Cockerham

CTO/Dir of Strategic Growth


How to Utilize your Website to Grow your Business

See in detail how some of the most forward-thinking retailers are using their websites to be successful in today’s ecommerce-driven world.

FRI - 2:00 pm • SAT - 11:00 am
SUN - 3:00 pm • MON - 12:30 pm

Lenny Prion

Lenny Prion

Dir of Operations & Training

The Edge

Getting to Know The Edge

Learn how key features of The Edge will help you in your day-to-day business.

FRI - 3:00 pm • SAT - 12:00 noon
SUN - 11:00 am • MON - 2:00 pm

Sherry Smith & Becka Johnson Kibby

Sherry Smith &
Becka Johnson Kibby

Edge Academy

Industry Insights: How to Use Data to Grow Your Business

Learn how you can identify risks, trends, and opportunities with retail data.

FRI - 11:00 am • SAT - 2:30 pm
SUN - 1:30 pm • MON - 11:00 am

Jay Gerber

VP of Partnerships


Instant Everything-What Millennials & GenZ’s Demand

Learn how you can implement a few strategies that meet the needs of this growing customer segment.

FRI - 3:30 pm • SAT - 12:30 pm
SUN - 10:30 am • MON - 1:30 pm

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