Quarterly updates, news, and advice from Dick Abbott, President

Our goal is not to sell software. Our goal is to make jewelers better retailers.
Certainly, software sales are essential to our success and growth, but nothing gives us more satisfaction than contributing to your success. Nothing! We remain committed to providing you with the functionality and technology needed in today’s retail world to succeed. Every day we strive to continue making The Edge a little better than it was the day before. We have always provided you with precise information in our reports, enabling you to make the soundest decisions for your business and the wherewithal to act on those decisions.
We have accepted no outside investment and are not beholden to anyone to put profit above delivering the best solution we can. You are the reason for our success, and we have a strong sense of obligation to return the favor by helping you succeed using technology.
We are concerned about your wellbeing and offer advice in your best interest not for financial gain. Our intentions are and have always been to provide a complete solution (including support & training) to aid independent retail jewelers reach their full business potential.
Our inventory management system is second to none.
The analysis we provide is dead-on accurate and essential for curating the best selection of product for every store. Using proven retail formulas and practices applied to data with the highest degree of integrity produces results that are needed for managing an asset that is constantly changing.
Managing inventory by looking in a rear-view mirror to see what you sold in the past doesn’t work. Tricks like marking up fast sellers each time you received a new shipment or repricing aged product to fit into good selling lower price points instead of buying new are just gimmicks and not sustainable solutions.
Data doesn’t lie, but the way it is turned into information can produce incredibly valuable or egregiously harmful results. You can trust the information produced by The Edge. Be wary of information produced by some add-on solutions. Do your due diligence and make sure it makes sense to act on it.
The Edge is your ultimate CRM solution.
I’d like to clarify whatever you may have heard regarding our relationship with any third-party CRM solutions. We are not partnered with them for a few reasons.
The biggest reason is because of the amount of investment we have put into our own CRM features and the belief that it is ultimately a better solution when built directly into your software and all the data is in one database. It wouldn’t be fair to “partner up” with a third-party solution provider when we believe our mouse trap is better.
SMS marketing, automated response, text notification, text invoicing, and text payments are all features that will be in our solution supported by Podium. We encourage you to be aware of all available Edge features before you invest in add-ons that glean data from the Edge to create another database that you address with a different application.
Our goal has always been to provide you with a tool you can use to make your business better.
We are here to support it, systematically improve it, and help you use it to its fullest potential. I believe that is how we both get better. We are motivated to make you aware of the features that enhance the financial performance of your business. Before you look for add-on solutions that don’t integrate with The Edge, call us to learn what’s possible in the system you own. You’ll be in a much better place.
Our team is expanding to provide you with a better experience.
Our staff has been expanded with the addition of 5 new employees; a new programmer to speed up the development cycle, a tech to support and assist with Edge to Web integrations, 2 new support techs, and a QuickBooks Pro Advisor to assist you with setting up and mapping The Edge to QuickBooks and to help us help you by identifying ways to make the integration more seamless. We have added 2000 square feet of space to our 6000 square foot facility in preparation for future growth.
We will strive to stay on top of the technology, the features and functionalities that help you grow your business. We’ll add staff to support you in the use of the Edge, but we can’t help you with third party add-on solutions.
We are grateful to have you as clients. We look forward to growing with you.