Special Orders

Special Orders are a three-part process within The Edge.
  1. Initial intake at Point of Sale (POS).
  2. Receiving special order merchandise into inventory and matching it to the open order.
  3. Final pickup at Point of Sale (POS).


Allows you to manage and track Special Orders every step of the way, from customer service, to inventory, and back to customer service.
You should Note these things when working with Special Orders:
  • Special Orders are not recorded as sales until time of pickup.
  • Commission is not rewarded on a Special Order until pickup.
  • Special Orders cannot be picked up until they are filled (readied for pickup).
  • When you attempt to pick up a Special Order but the pickup button is not lit, this is because the order has not been filled with an item.
  • Inventory ordered as part of a Special Order is treated differently as it pertains to the aging process and the Levels feature. For example, a Special Order item is often in your possession for a short period of time until it is picked up. This should not be confused with being a fast-seller.


How to find an existing special order:
  1. Click Services > Find > Special Order. The Find Special Orders window will appear. Fields and options include:
  • Customer: Opens the customer filter allowing you to search by customer criteria.
  • Job #: Search orders for a specific job #.
  • Sale #: Search orders for a specific sale #.
  • Env #: Search orders for a specific envelope #.
  • PO #: Search orders by one or more PO #s.
  • Location: Search orders by one or more job locations.
  • Loc Type: Search orders by one or more location types.
  • Entered: Search orders by date originally entered.
  • ETA: Search orders by completion date.
  • Received: Search orders by date inventory received (i.e. matched).
  • Vendor: Search orders by vendor.
  • Store: Search orders at a specific store #.
  • Associate: Search orders by intake associate.
  • Notifications: Search for orders based on notification.
  • Status: Filter results by order status.
  1. Enter desired criteria, then click OK. A list of matching orders will appear.
  2. From here you can Edit an existing order or use Print List to get a print out of matching orders.


Ready to see more ways you can work with the Special Orders feature? Click the button below to launch the Edge User site and search Special Orders to learn how to intake and edit Special Features, plus information on automatic and manual matching and unmatching. Then continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.