SMS Business Card

The SMS Business Card feature gives you the ability to text your business card to customers directly from POS or a Customer Record.


Makes it easier for you and your sales associates to send your information to customers via text, allowing them to save your contact information directly into their phones. You can customize the information included in your sent Business Cards; however, The Edge does come with a default template that will be used automatically if one is not created and set for use by you.


Note: You must be an SMS subscriber to use this feature. Please contact for more information.
To access the SMS Business Card:
  1. From the Customer Record: Either using Customer → Find or Customer → Add.
  2. From POS: Clicking the Contacts button.
To customize The Edge’s existing default templates (using a new Store Business Card Default template as an example):
  1. Click Administrative → Notifications → Manage Notification Templates, then click the Add New SMS button at the bottom.
  2. Enter Store Business Card Default as the Name and select Business Card from the Type drop-down.
  3. Next, click the Load Default Values button at the bottom. This will fill in the Body with the software’s default values.
  4. To see how your business card will look rendered, click the Preview button at the bottom.
  5. Customize this by adding a greeting and removing the associate merge fields. Close the Preview that you opened in the last step and click inside the HTML code in the body.
  6. Text should now be showing in purple; purple text indicates this is a data merge field that is a placeholder for data that will come from saved in associate records or your license. Available fields will appear on the right.
  7. Click inside the HTML and erase the whole line for {{Associate.FirstName}} {{Associate.LastName}}, and then at the bottom erase both lines for {{Associate.Phone}} and {{Associate.Email}}.
  8. Position the cursor before {{Store.Name}} and hit Enter to drop to the next line. Type your greeting into that open line you just created.
  9. Click Preview again to see your changes.
  10. Click Save & Close to save your template.
Now that you have created the template, you must instruct the software to use it.
By default, all Notification Types will be set to use the built-in Edge default. You can specify your own custom templates using the Template Admin screen. This can be used to specify both custom SMS and email templates.
To access Template Admin:
  1. Click Administrative → Notifications → Template Admin. The Template Admin window will appear.
  2. Use the drop-down to select the template you would like to use.
  3. After making your changes click Save, then Close.


To learn more about using and creating SMS Business Card Templates, click below or visit and type in SMS Business Card. You can find images walking you through the step-by-step process of customizing a default template. You can also search for Notification Templates for a tip sheet.