Shopify Integration

An integration that utilizes the Edge Connector (ECon) app to synchronize Edge with your new or existing Shopify store. If you are integrating into an existing store, review our documentation carefully as there are special considerations.
The integration is available in two configurations: inventory only or inventory + customers/sales.


Once installed, the ECon app will synchronize the Edge and Shopify data every 15 minutes. It supports the following:
  • Items and images can be uploaded from Edge.
    • Changes made in Edge are automatically uploaded.
    • Supports individually priced items as well as bulk (UPC only).
    • Individually priced items can be linked and managed via vendor/vendor style instead of item #. This means if you have 5 of the same item with 5 different Edge item #s, it will upload once with a quantity of 5 instead of 5 separate times.
    • Sold items automatically removed or have their quantity reduced.
    • Product Types, Titles, Descriptions, Collections, and Tags can synchronize both ways; changes made in Edge flow to Shopify and vice-versa.
  • Customers can be set to synchronize between Edge and Shopify.
    • Shopify customers are automatically linked to the corresponding Edge customer if the email address matches.
    • Shopify customers with no matching email address in Edge are added as new customers.
    • Ability to manually upload and download customers.
    • Customer shipping and billing address data synchronizes.
  • Web sales can be automatically downloaded and imported to Edge.
    • These sales are not processed automatically; instead they are placed in a queue awaiting processing at POS.
    • Non-Edge items are supported and will show on the sale as a miscellaneous charge.
    • Imported sales can be modified before processing. For example, a non-Edge item miscellaneous charge could be removed and replaced with a suitable item or special order.


  1. Contact our Administrative department ( to purchase the integration. Once purchased, we will contact you to schedule the install.
  2. Select which items you want to upload. Filters are available to select which categories, vendors, and item types to include. Additionally, you can include or exclude items on a per item basis.
  3. The synchronization is turned on. Every 15 minutes it will connect and send applicable changes back and forth.


Interested in learning more about the Shopify Integration? Click the button below to launch our Edge User site and log-in to learn more about the integration including steps that guide you through the process from preparation to launch.