service transactions report

This report lets you show selected transaction types, along with their payment history, amount on account, and current balance.


Allows you to filter service transactions by customer and transaction date , and can also be run for a specific transaction (sale #).


To import customers:
  1. Click Reports → Customers → Accounts → Service Transactions. The Service Transactions report filter will appear. Options on this report include:
  • Customer: Filter this report by a specific customer.
  • Transaction Date: Only include transactions that started in this da
  • Store: Filter by store.
  • Sale #: Run the report for a specific transaction number.
  • Group/Sort By: Choose how to group and sort the report. It is recommended you group by Account Type and Transaction.
  • Show Open Transactions Only: Only include transactions that have not been picked up.
  • Show Payments Only: Only show payments - this will exclude deposits and pick ups.
  • Include...: Select which types of transactions to include.
  • Sort Transaction Date Descending: Sort the transactions in descending date order (most recent order) instead of ascending.
  1. Set desired criteria and click OK to generate the report.
    Each line on this report has a Type:
  • NEW: Initial intake, the amount shown here is the total outstanding balance after deposit.
  • PAYMENT: Each payment made against this transaction.
  • PICKUP: Final pick up, the amount shown here is the total for the entire transaction.
  • APPLY: When a transaction is picked up, the amount that was on account


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