The Edge allows users to optimize the store’s efficiency by employing barcodes on nearly all records.


Allows you to add new customers through the POS (Point of Sale) window by simply scanning the barcode on a customer's ID or license.


To Add Customers Using the Honeywell 1470g
  1. Make sure the scanner is configured correctly.
  2. Open Edge and navigate to the POS (Point of Sale) window.
  3. Click the New Cust button to open the Add a Customer Window.
  4. Scan the barcode on the customer's ID or driver's license using the barcode scanner. The customer's information will be populated in the relevant fields of the Add a Customer window.
  5. Enter any additional required information such as first name, last name, address, phone number, and email.
  6. Click OK to save the customer's information.
  7. The customer's name will appear in the top left of the POS window indicating they have been successfully added. You can now continue with the POS transaction.
Note: The barcode scanner can only be used in the Add a Customer window accessed through POS as described above and does not work for adding a new customer through the Customer funtion.
To Configure the Honeywell 1470g in The Edge
Configuration must be completed prior to using the scanner in The Edge as this scanner supports 2D barcode scanning. The Edge will come configured with the default scanner type of STX_ETX. For your scanner to work within The Edge, you must manually change your scanner type to STX_ETX_2DSupported.
  1. Open The Edge and navigate to Administrative → Configuration.
  2. Locate Barcode Scanner Type at the top of The Edge Configuration window and click the arrow to select STX_ETX_2DSupported.
  3. Click OK and restart Edge to apply your changes.


For more information on this report, including details on how to program the Honeywell 1470g, click the button or visit and search Honeywell 1470g. You can also learn about other hardware that you can utilize within The Edge.