RFID Feature

This feature works with specialized hardware to provide inventory identification with just the sweep of a wand. RFID is a technology that allows reading of tags by radio frequency. The tag contains a chip which the wand interacts with--no line-of-sight with text or barcode required. The Edge works with two different vendors. Contact us at and we’ll help you select a system that works best for you.


With RFID, you’ll be able to tag items, conduct physical inventory, and find items by RFID tag. After your selected vendor has set-up your system, you’ll go into The Edge to install the new license file and give permissions to permit use of RFID features, including:
  • Write Item SKU to RFID Tags, which allows the user to save the RFID tag to an item.
  • Remove RFID Tag from an item, which allows the user to delete the tag ID associated with the item.


To Conduct a physical inventory with RFID Tags (Note that this works within The Edge as with other tags, but rather than scanning a barcode, you’ll be using your RFID wand to read the tags):
  1. Select Inventory menu → Physical Inventory → Scan. You’ll be prompted to confirm the start date.
  2. Indicate whether you wish to only scan items with RFID. If so, you won’t be counting bulk items, or items that don’t have an RFID tag.
  3. Select OK. The Physical Inventory menu will appear with RFID options at the top.
  4. Select a device and select Start to begin scanning. The Physical Inventory window will begin to populate.
    Important Note: When you stop, select the Stop button on the Physical Inventory window to prevent the scanner from scanning in the background.
  5. Continue inventory.


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