rewards cards

Rewards cards are designed as an incentive to encourage repeat sales to existing customers.


Rewards Cards help to reduce discounting and retain valued customers. They increase in value each time a qualifying purchase is made; that value can be used towards a future purchase. Rewards cards can be issued to customers at the store owner’s discretion.


Activating Rewards Cards can be done in a few different ways. Keep in mind that only one original value will be used for the card. Initial Amounts are now locked on records. If for some reason they need to be unlocked and changed, which we strongly advise against, the Supervisor menu has a lock and unlock function for the original amounts.
Scan New Card at POS
The easiest way to activate a new card at POS is to scan it. It is not necessary to select any buttons before scanning the card.
Note that the prefix numbers in the card indicate whether it is a Reward Card or Tender Card. If you have not specified prefixes in System Options for Reward Cards vs. Tender Cards, then a window will pop up to ask you what type of card you want to activate.
After you make your selection (or immediately after scanning, if you have specified prefixes), a Reward Card or Tender Card line will be added to the sale.
Activate Card Button
  • If the card is already active, an error message will appear.
  • If the customer to whom you are trying to assign the card already has a rewards card, you will be prompted to consolidate the rewards to this new card; the old card will become inactive.
  • If you are assigning a new card, you cannot ring out any merchandise or services on the same transaction.
  1. From the POS screen, select the Sell/Activate Card option. The Sell/Activate a Card screen will appear.
  2. Scan the card or type in the card number.
  3. If prefixes that specify card type are set in System Options, you can proceed with entering the value. If not, you will be prompted to select the card type (if necessary), and select OK, then a line will be added to the sale.
Activate Card from Rewards Activation Screen
  1. From the Customer menu, select Rewards > Activate. The Edit Rewards Card screen will appear with the General tab open.
  2. With a few exceptions, the fields and options are the same as the Edit Rewards Default Settings. The default settings will populate the screen. Enter or accept values as desired. If you type in an amount that exceeds the maximum specified in your System Options, then a pop-up window will appear requiring an override to continue.
  3. Enter a card number in the Starting Number field. Alternatively, if you are activating a number of cards with sequential numbering and the same settings, you may enter the Starting Number and the Ending Number. If you intend to scan the numbers in, select the Scan and Save option and begin scanning numbers. These need not be sequential
  • You do not have to fill in the issued to or referred by customer fields. These can be blank.
  • If you want to set up multiple cards and then activate them at POS with these settings. If you do fill out the issued to customer field and the referred by customer field the card will default to a rewards card and will not pay out on the referred by because it will not be a new customer at this point.


Interested in learning more about this feature that can help you reduce discounting and retain customers? Visit and search for Rewards Cards. You’ll find a tip sheet, as well as webinars and videos, and step-by-step instructions on setting-up, accruing, redeeming, and reporting. Once you’re feeling confident, look around the site for additional features that can help empower your business.