Rewards Activation

In 2023, we introduced the highly anticipated upgrade to the Rewards Program that granted users the ability to Activate Rewards cards at POS without needing the physical card in hand. This feature has been expanded to now allow for the activation of many customers at once without needing the physical cards.


Previously this feature was limited to activation for only one customer at a time. Now customers can be activated in bulk, no physical cards needed.


System Option
This feature must be enabled via a system option before it can be used. You may skip this step if you have already followed setup steps for the original Rewards Activation – No Cards feature.
  1. Click Administrative → System Options.
  2. Scroll down to Tender/Rewards Card Options.
  3. Set the Allow Rewards Card Generation From Customer option to True.
Activating Rewards for Multiple Customers
To activate Rewards for multiple customers at once:
  1. Click Customer → Rewards → Activate → Generate #. The Generate Rewards ID window will open.
  2. With a few exceptions, the fields and options are the same as the Edit Rewards Default Settings. The default settings will populate the screen. Enter or accept values as desired. If you type in an amount that exceeds the maximum specified in your System Options, then a pop-up window will appear requiring an override to continue.
  3. After setting the desired options on the General, Inventory, and Services tab, click on the Customer tab.
  4. On the Customer tab, use the Issue To: drop-down to open a customer filter where you can enter criteria to select customers. Matching customers will be displayed.
  5. Use the checkboxes to select the customers you would like to activate rewards for and click OK.


Ready to learn more about the ability to Activate Rewards Cards at POS without needing a physical card? Click below or visit and search Reward Referral Program for more information.