Reports Revamp

The Edge contains a number of meaningful reports, each of which have unique filters. Once you are familiar with the report filter windows, they will enable you to pick and choose the content of the report. Recently, the reports module of The Edge has been revamped to a new framework.


  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Updated look
  • Improved functionality


64-bit Compatibility
The old reports module was based on a 32-bit framework. 32-bit refers to the amount of RAM (memory) that the application can utilize. In a 32-bit environment, the software is limited to using a total of 2 GB of RAM. That means regardless of how much RAM is installed in your system, the most the software could use was 2 GB which could lead to “out of memory” errors when dealing with very large amounts of data. 64-bit exponentially increases this limit allowing aWindows 10/11 computer to access up to 2 TB (2,000 GB) of RAM. This change will greatly reduce the number of “out of memory” errors being received and will allow reporting on much greater amounts of data at a time.
Updated Look
The report toolbar includes a new, modern look that allows you to:
  • Stop the report from running.
  • Rerun the report.
  • Navigate to the first page, previous page, next page, or last page.
  • Use to set page orientation and margins.
  • Switch between Interactive and Print Preview modes. In Interactive Mode, you can click on the report to bring up underlying records.
  • Print the report.
  • Open the Search window.
  • Save the report as a PDF.
  • Email a PDF of the report.
  • Export the report data to a CSV file.
  • Export the report data to a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Save all customers on this report to a new or existing Mailing List. Only applies to Customer Reports.
Enhanced Search
The Search function now shows a preview of matching results as well as still highlighting matches on the report itself. Click in the preview window to jump to that place in the report.
Improved Data Export
The data exports to Microsoft Excel and CSV file types have been overhauled into a more straightforward format. Extraneous formatting detail has been removed and the exports now present much cleaner, and easier to use, data.


Want to see visuals of the new Reports Revamp framework? Click the button below to launch the Edge User site and check out the Reports Revamp tip sheet. Then continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.