Referral cards

Referral cards are preloaded with a dollar value and given to good customers to give to their circle of friends and relatives who have the potential to become customers.


In addition to serving as a Rewards Card, Referral Cards help add qualified buyers to your customer base. Referral cards can only be used by new customers. The preloaded dollar amount is an inducement to get potentially good customers to visit your store. Referring customers are rewarded when referred customers spend a predetermined threshold amount.


  1. From the Administrative menu, select Rewards Program → Referral Program. The Edit Referral Card Settings screen will appear with the General tab open.
  2. Because this is the setup area, the card number is not applicable. These settings will be applied to each newly issued card as the default.
  3. Select a redeem rewards date from the Referral Card Expiration Date drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Referrals tab.
    Fields and options in the Referrals tab include:
  • Referrals Enabled: Indicates that the card can be used for bonus money as well as rewards. This can be used to provide a retroactive referral bonus.
  • Applies to Purchases Up to: For the referrer to get a bonus, the date by which the referee must spend the qualifying amount as entered in the When Customer Purchases Qualifying Items Totaling or More field.
  • Referrals Initial Amount: The initial amount of the referral.
  • Referrer Earns: The amount the referring customer will get when the referred customer makes a purchase. This takes the form of a credit memo.
  • When Customer Purchases Qualifying Items Totaling or More: The amount which the referred customer must spend for the referring customer to earn the bonus as indicated above.
  • Included Sales Type: Types of sales to include in this referral account:
  • All Tender
  • Inventory
  • Repairs
  • Custom Jobs
  • Appraisals
  • Gift Cards
  • Sales Types: Allows you to filter what types of sales count towards the qualifying items totals. I.e., if you want to include repairs, not just inventory. Note - checking All Tender will disable filtering by sale types.
  1. Complete the fields in the Referrals tab as required.
  2. Select OK/Save and Close.


Want to learn more about this feature that can help bring qualified buyers into your store? Visit and search for Referral Cards. You’ll find a tip sheet, as well as webinars and videos. Once you’re feeling confident, look around the site for additional features that can help empower your business.