The Edge/QuickBooks integration posts aggregated sales and inventory data from The Edge to QuickBooks.


The Edge allows you to integrate features and map to your QuickBooks chart of accounts. It is required that every feature in The Edge be mapped to an appropriate account in your chart of accounts, even if you do not use this feature. This ensures all activity can be posted to QuickBooks, even if the feature is used some time in the future.


If you have not integrated your Edge with QuickBooks, this is a QuickBooks Operational Summary that lists the several steps you must complete in order to properly integrate The Edge with your Quickbooks Company File:
  • Assess if this integration is right for your store:
    • Will integrating The Edge/QuickBooks save in bookkeeping time?
    • Am I ready to integrate The Edge with QuickBooks?
  • Get Prepared:
    • Purchase QuickBooks Pro Desktop OR QuickBooks Online.
    • Read The Edge/QuickBooks documentation (review with your accountant).
    • Create a new QuickBooks Company Files or prepare your existing company files by:
      • - Adding the necessary POS Customer Record, Vendor, Payment Methods.
      • - Adding required accounts to your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts (COA).
    • Prepare the Chart of Accounts (COA) for integration.
    • Plan The Edge/QuickBooks start date (with your accountant) for The Edge to begin posting detail to QuickBooks.
    • Prepare starting balances (with your accountant).
    • Update The Edge (plan to install the latest version of The Edge before integration).
  • Integrate The Edge with QuickBooks:
    • Allow initial integration:
      • - QuickBooks Desktop: Install QBFC from
      • - QuickBooks Online: Authenticate server through Edge.
    • Set QuickBooks Permissions (QuickBooks needs to be set to allow The Edge to post data).
  • Map The Edge with QuickBooks:
    • Link POS customer to a single customer record in QuickBooks (this is where are all sales data will post to in QuickBooks).
    • Link The Edge features to QuickBooks chart of accounts.
    • Link MISC charges to QuickBooks chart of accounts.
    • Link Tax definitions to QuickBooks tax vendor.
    • Link The Edge stores to QuickBooks classes (optional for multi-store users).
    • Link The Edge credit card type to QuickBooks payment methods (matched by the exact name).
NOTE: Review all setup with your accountant and/or bookkeeper responsible for maintaining the accounts.
  • Initial Posting from The Edge to QuickBooks
    • Set a QuickBooks start date (in The Edge) as planned with your accountant/bookkeeper (The Edge sets all prior data as “already posted.”
    • Post from The Edge to QuickBooks for the first time.
    • Set starting balances for all accounts in QuickBooks (with guidance from your accountant/bookkeeper).
  • The Edge/QuickBooks Maintenance:
    • Post from The Edge to QuickBooks regularly (perhaps each morning.
    • Make certain bookkeeping staff follows The Edge/QuickBooks Maintenance Procedures.
NOTE: Abbott Jewelry Systems, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of your QuickBooks financial data. The relationship between The Edge and QuickBooks is unidirectional, meaning The Edge posts to QuickBooks but is unaware of any journal entries, additions, or subtractions of data that occurs directly in QuickBooks.

The Edge team has provided a procedural document (located on the Edge User site in the QuickBooks section) which explains some important accounts and functions that must be managed directly in QuickBooks regularly. Failure to maintain these procedures will result in inaccurate financial statements. Contact The Edge Support team for the current procedural document.

Resolving inaccurate financial information is NOT something we have the expertise to assist with. You would need to seek assistance from your accountant. Be sure to maintain your books!


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