Purchase Order

The Purchase Order Feature is part of The Edge’s larger Inventory Management System that consists of a number of features that work together: item records, Inventory Buying Tools, the Levels feature, the Rapid Reorder feature, special orders, purchase orders, and item intake.


Allows you to easily place orders and receive items from your vendors in one convenient location within The Edge.


  1. To create a new Purchase Order, select Inventory → PO → Add. The Purchase Order Add window will appear. Complete and edit the fields and options in the Purchase Order Add window.
  2. Select the vendor for this order. The Retrieve Queued Items and Special Orders window will appear. If you choose a vendor for whom a purchase order exists, you will be prompted to open that purchase order and add items to it.
  3. Select the items to be added to the purchase order. From here you can only change quantity and cost.
  4. Select OK. The Purchase Order Add window will be populated with the items.
  5. If needed, use Retrieve Queued to go back to the Retrieve Queued window and select more items.
  6. Select a shipping method from the Ship via drop-down menu.
  7. Enter notes in the Notes field to place a note on the order (optional).
  8. Enter an estimated time of arrival (ETA) in the ETA field. This can be set for the entire purchase order or for each item line.
  9. To add more items, select Add Line:
    1. If this order is for a style that has been in stock before, select the vendor style from the drop-down menu.
    2. If this order is for a new style, type in its vendor style number and basic details. As a shortcut, you can scan item tags and special order envelopes to quickly create line items.
  1. Multi-store ONLY: each PO line has a Store drop-down allowing you to select a style for this line. It is possible to have different store numbers on each line if desired. When received, the inventory will be allocated to the appropriate store.
  2. Verify and correct data in each item line
    1. Image
    2. Source
    3. Quantity (must be greater than 0)
    4. Style Code (required). You may be prompted to copy details from a previous item.
    5. Status
    6. ETA (must be later than the current date)
    7. Description (required)
    8. Category (required)
    9. Cost per item (required).
  1. Choose a save option:
    1. Print Preview: Allows you to print a purchase order. This does not submit the purchase order. To do so, use Submit & Print.
    2. Submit & Email: Saves the purchase order in The Edge as ordered and sends the purchase order by email to the vendor.
    3. Submit & Print: Saves the purchase order in The Edge as ordered and sends the purchase order to the printer so you can fax or mail it to the vendor.
    4. OK/Save & Close: Saves the purchase order to be worked on later. This does not submit the purchase order to the vendor or record it as such in The Edge.


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