Promotions/Why In is a feature that helps track the results of advertising and other promotional activity. This function is based on the interface’s Why In field.


In order to get the most ROI from your marketing budget, it’s important to understand what promotions bring in the most traffic and give you the most sales. The Promotions/Why In feature allows you to monitor and document why and when a customer shops with you, whether they heard a radio spot advertising your Christmas Sale, or were referred by a friend.


  1. Select Administrative > Promotions/Why In. The Promotions/Why In window will appear..
  2. To add a new promotion record, select Add. The New Promotion window will appear. To edit a promotion record, highlight it and select Edit. If you’ve used a variety of media to promote your event, you’ll need to add a promotion for each ad taken. That way, if one customer responds to the Why In question with, “I heard your ad on 102.5 Sports Talk” and another says “I saw your ad in The News", you’ll have a drop-down item that matches both answers.

    Data Fields and options for both functions include:
    • ID   ID number for the promotion.
    • Event/Promotion   Name of the promo event generating traffic
    • Media   Proper name of the medium used to promote the event.
    • Description   Detailed description of the event
    • Starts   Date the event begins and date it should appear on the Why In list
    • Ends   Date the event ends
    • Show Until   Date until it should appear on the Why In drop-down list
    • Cost   Cost to the store of the advertisement

  3. Complete the Promotion fields as desired and select the appropriate save option from the Record Navigation Bar.


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