Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry is jewelry that is custom fit to your wrist and welded closed, creating a permanently fastened bracelet which lasts forever, or as long as you wish! It often consists of a delicate chain, and occasionally a gemstone or charm is attached. It has grown in popularity the past 5 years, driven in part by platforms like TikTok.


Take advantage of this jewelry trend with The Edge’s Permanent Jewelry feature. This feature allows you to set up categories and add inventory to sell permanent jewelry.


To add or sell Permanent Jewelry, you first need to set up a Category and ensure you have your Vendor setup.
Create a Category:
  1. Go to inventory → Categories → List. Find a section of your list, we recommend the Precious Metals section (around 400s).
  2. Select Add to create a new category.
  3. Create a new, unique Category ID.
  4. For Name, you can enter "Permanent Chain".
  5. For Type, select Chain.
  6. For Gender, select Unisex.
  7. For General Description, you may enter Bulk Chain.
  8. For the Pricing Method, select Buy and Sell by Measure Only.
  9. For the Unit of Measure, select Inch.
  10. Visit the Pricing tab to set up any min markups or mark downs you may want on the item record.
  11. Visit the Details tab. The only field you will likely need is the style of chain.
  12. Click Add on the first line.
  • Detail Name: enter Style.
  • Detail Type: it will be an Existing List item style. Chains.
  • Storage Field: choose Style.
  1. Visit the Tags tab to se-tup your tags, if needed.


Ready to learn more ways you can use the Permanent Jewelry feature? Click the button below to launch the Edge User site and search Permanent Jewelry to learn how to add inventory to sell permanent jewelry. Plus, catch a step-by-step tutorial video. Then continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.