Locations Feature

The Location field in item records allows you to track item locations within your store.


A location should be designated for every place in your store where you might look when searching for an item. For example, you might have a showcase location such as Bridal, Window, or common locations like Vault, Safe, or Shop. The Locations function works in conjunction with physical inventory in that you can assign items to a location while scanning or determine what is no longer there.
The Move function provides an efficient way to keep items physical locations up to date and accurate.
Note: For the purposes of this feature “items” also refers to repairs, job envelopes, or anything that has a location.
Note: If you’re working with locations for the first time, The Edge will update the locations table with your previous locations. When using the Item Edit function, the Locations drop-down menu may include only active, inventory locations. Repair and other service locations will only appear when appropriate for the function you’re accessing.


Adding a Location
A location must be created before an item can be assigned to it. Items can be assigned to locations one by one by editing the location field or en masse.
To create a new location to use in item records:
  1. Select Administrative → Locations → Add Location. The New Location window will appear.
      Fields and options in the New Location window include:

  1. Complete the fields in the New Location window as needed.
  2. Select a save option. The location will now appear in the Location drop-down menu.


Interested in learning more about using Locations within your Edge system? Click below, or visit You can also read about Finding and Editing a Location and Merging Locations.