Last associate

The Edge version 20.0 adds new features that require each customer to be assigned to an associate. Though this was always possible, it required you to manually assign them on the customer record’s Other Keys tab.


Allows you to quickly know who last processed a sale or transaction for a customer.
Two new fields were added that will automatically populate (these fields appear on the customer record’s General tab). These fields are automatically set for all customers. The initial value is set when you first update to version 20.0 and then they are automatically updated in real-time as sales transactions are made.
  1. Last Merchandise Associate: Associate that last processed a merchandise sale or service intake for this customer.
  2. Last Transaction Associate: Associate that last processed any type of transaction for this customer.


  1. The Last Associate options are searchable and appear at the bottom of the Other Keys tab of Customer Find.
  2. The Store Calendar allows you to specify how you want to assign customers to associates for the purposes of working with occasions. This is found in calendar settings (top right, gear icon).
  3. Dashboard tiles that display customer occasions will give the option to display by the manually assigned associate or one of the new automatic methods.
  4. Most customer reports will include the Last Associate options as grouping options.


For more information on using the Last Associate feature, and to view a tip sheet and screen shots, click below or visit and type Last Associate. Then browse more of the site and discover other features that can help in your day-to-day business.