job breakdown report

This is a type of ‘job’ report that details the cost of parts and labor for service jobs in Edge.


This report will show you a variety of information about a job, including:
  • Task #: The task within a repair to be detailed
  • Description: A description of the task.
  • Cost Parts: The cost of parts to the store.
  • Cost Labor: The cost of labor to the store.
  • Cost Other: Other costs of the repair to the store.
  • Cost Total: The total cost of the repair.
  • Price Parts: The price charged to the customer for the parts.
  • Price Labor: The price charged to the customer for labor.
  • Price Other: The price charged to the customer for other costs to the store.
  • Price Total: The total price of the task to the customer.


To generate a Custom Job report using the Breakdown Report:
  1. Navigate to Reports → Job → Breakdown.
  2. Select the job types you want to include.
  3. On the STATUS/DATES tab:
  • – For the Picked Up jobs:
  • From the Picked Up drop-down menu, select "Only Picked Up Jobs" and then put in your picked up date range.
  • For all Completed Jobs, regardless of pickup:
  • You can use “Only Completed Job” with the completed job date if you wish, then you can select picked up or not jobs.
  • NOTE: Alternatively, you can also use Date Entered or ETA to filter the report.
  • – From the Canceled drop-down, select "Only Not Canceled Jobs".
  1. Now on the OPTIONS tab:
  • – Select to to Show Price/Cost if desired
  • – Uncheck Page Breaks
  • – Uncheck Summary Only (if you just want totals, leave Summary Only checked)
  1. In the GROUP BY section:
  • Uncheck whatever is currently selected.
  • – You can then pick how you want to group the report: by jeweler, intake associate, etc.


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