Item Pricing Wizard

The Item Pricing Wizard is a feature in The Edge’s inventory section that can be used to update Retail, Current, and Lowest prices on many items at once.


The Item Pricing Wizard supports exporting item styles/ importing pricing from Microsoft Excel and also features an Edit mode that allows you to work with these pricing fields directly through the Wizard. Prices are updated on a vendor/vendor style basis and all matching in stock items automatically have their pricing updated.


To update item style pricing directly through the Wizard, instead of importing/exporting via Excel:
  1. Click Inventory → Utilities → Item Pricing Wizard.
  2. Choose Edit Prices in this Wizard.
  3. Click the Item Filter drop-down and enter criteria to the item styles you want to update; click OK.
  4. Click Next. A list of matching item styles will appear.
  5. Check the styles you wish to update. Make your changes in the pricing grid.
  6. Click Save Data to apply the new pricing to all in stock items.
Note: Multi-store Edge user? Use the Just This Store radio button if you just want to apply pricing changes to this store’s items. Use the All Stores radio button if pricing changes will apply across all your stores’ items.


Interested in learning other ways to use this Wizard? Click the button below to launch our Edge User site and log-in to read how to update prices via exporting/importing with Excel. There’s also a handy tip sheet. Continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.