item detail wizard

The Item Detail Wizard is used to create and edit the customizable details found on every item record. These details are managed from the Category record’s Details tab.


This wizard allows you to create, copy, edit, and delete details. Note that this replaces the previous manual method of detail management.


To create a new detail:
  1. Click Inventory → Categories → List and Edit the category.
  2. Click on the Details tab.
  3. There are 16 available details. Unused detail fields will display with a Create button while existing details will show an Edit button. To create a new detail, select an available position and click Create.
  4. The Item Detail Wizard will appear.
  5. Specify a Detail Name (e.g. Metal), select Create New, and click Next.
  6. Select a Detail Type:
  • Number Text box that only accepts numbers
  • Dollar Text box that only accepts numbers & displays as currency
  • Text Text box that accepts any input
  • List Links this detail to a list of predefined choices
  1. Check Required if this detail must be filled in on items entered into this category.
  2. If selecting a List, you must choose whether you want to Create a New List now or link to an Existing List.
  3. If selecting a List, check Must Match List if this detail can only contain entries from the list. If unchecked, associates will be able to pick from the list OR enter any text they want.
  4. Storage Field assigns the internal database storage. It is only necessary to change this if linking this detail to one of the software’s searchable fields found on the Item Filter.
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. For types Number, Dollar, or Text, the wizard has been completed and detail created.
  7. For the type List, if you selected Create New List the next screen allows you to create your list of choices.
  8. If you selected Existing List instead, use the drop-down to choose which list to use.
  9. After selecting a List, choose one of the Modify options at the top:
  • Modify for All Categories Making changes to the list entries will affect all category details linked to this list
  • Modify List for the Selected Category Making changes to the list entries will only affect the selected category. Other categories will be unaffected.
  1. Click Next. Make any desired changes to the list values and then complete the wizard to create the detail.


Interested in learning more about how to use the Item Detail Wizard? Click below, or visit and search Item Detail Wizard Feature. You can learn how to copy, edit, and delete an item. There’s also a tip sheet.