Item Data Export

The Item Data Export Wizard is a way to export item data from The Edge.


Use it in conjunction with the Item Data Import Wizard to export item data, make changes, and import it back in.
Data is exported in CSV format and there are options that control what items are included and how the data is formatted.


To export item data:
  1. Click Inventory → Utilities → Item Data Export. The Wizard will appear.
  2. Use the Item Filter to set criteria for which items to include in the export. Leaving this blank will include all items.
  3. Choose how you want to export items.
  • Export by Item Key: Select this to export one row per Edge item.
  • Export by Vendor: Select this to export one row per unique vendor/vendor style combination. For example, if you had three items from vendor ABC with style 123, it would only export one row using the most recent copy of the item.
  1. Use the Save Location drop-down to select a folder to save the export file.
  2. Choose which Delimiter to use. This is what will be used to separate data fields in the export file.
  3. If you want to include quotation marks in the export, check Include Quotes in Data Output. Otherwise these will be stripped out during the export process.
  4. Select your export option.
  • Export Item Data: Select this to export the standard Edge data fields. See the next section for a complete list of included fields.
  • Export Item Data + Custom Details: Select this to export the standard Edge data fields and any custom details you have set up on categories. Because custom details vary by category, this limits the export to a single category.
  1. After specifying export parameters click Next.
  2. A list of items matching your export criteria will be displayed. By default, all items will be checked but you can uncheck items you do not want to include.
  3. Finally, click Export to generate the file.


Interested in learning more about how the Item Data Export Wizard can benefit your store? Click below, or visit and search Item Data Export.