Item Allocating

A feature that allows you to use the Allocate Window to allocate items for multi-stores and for customers with items on special order.


Helps you allocate items to their proper place, based on their status or association. If an item is in response to a purchase order, associated with a special order, is a bulk item, or if you have a multistore environment, the Allocate window will appear. This tells The Edge what to do with the item: assign to a particular store, increase bulk quantities, assign it to a special order, etc.


To allocate an item when prompted:
  1. Add or receive the item as needed. When appropriate, the Allocate window will appear. Fields and information in the Allocate window include:
    Cost: For fine jewelry, enter the TOTAL cost of all items. For bulk pricing methods, enter the cost of EACH item.
    Invoice #: The invoice number associated with the item order.
    Description: Description of the item.
    Style Note: Text added to the style number that will help identify the item.
    Allocate: Quantity of this item to allocate to this store or special order.
    Price Each: Price of the item to the customer.
    Ordered: Quantity on order from purchase order for this store or special order.
    Customer/Store: The special order customer or store for this allocation line.
    Entered: Date the item was entered for special order at POS.
    Ready By: Date the order is to be available.
    Promised: ETA date is firm, not an estimate.
  2. Enter the number of that item to be allocated to each store.
  3. Select OK. You will be returned to the add item process you were in.


To learn more about this feature, including how to Allocate Special Orders, click the button below to launch the Edge User site, and search Item Allocating. Then continue to empower your business by checking out webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and through discussions with fellow Edge users.