Inventory Collections

The Edge Collections feature allows you to group items as part of a collection. Once the item has been designated as part of a collection, that information can be used for marketing, reporting, and suggestive selling.


One use for the Collections feature is to help identify items that were presented together as part of a sale flier or catalog. Another use might be to offer items from a vendor that were designed to coordinate with each other, such as a necklace and earring set.


Note: The only System Option needed for the Collections feature is in POS Options, named "Show Collection Pop-Up". If it is set to TRUE, when an item that is part of a collection is scanned or entered at POS, a pop-up will appear offering other items in the collection.
The inventory functions for grouping items into collections are enabled at all times and can be used regardless of whether you use the Show Collection Pop-Up option for suggestive selling.
To create a new collection:
  1. From the Inventory menu, select Items → Collections → Add. The New Collection screen will appear.
    Fields and options in the New Collection screen include:
  • Collection Name: The name for the collection
  • Collection Sub Name: The name for a sub-collection, if desired
  • Start Date: The date the items in the collection will begin to pop-up at POS. If this is left blank, the collection will start immediately.
  • End Date: The date the items in the collection will cease to pop-up at POS. If this is left blank, the collection will continue indefinitely.
  • Add to Collection: Used to add an item to the collection.
  • Remove: Removes the item from the collection. It does not change the inventory status.
  1. Enter a name for the collection.
  2. Enter a name for the sub-collection, if desired.
  3. Use the date pickers to select a start and end date for the collection if desired. If the end date needs to be extended, or if you wish to reactivate the collection, change these dates as needed.
  4. At least one item must be in the collection. Select Add To Collection. A collection line item will appear.
  5. Locate the desired vendor using the Vendor drop-down menu.
  6. Locate the desired style number using the Style drop-down menu. Alternatively, use the Find Item option to locate an item using the Item Find feature.
    NOTE: To quickly enter items into the collection, scan them in.
  7. Repeat as needed to add all the items to the collection.
  8. Select OK/Save & Close. The items can now be found when searching by collection using the Item Find feature. Also, the collection items will now appear as suggestions at POS, provided System Options are set accordingly.


Interested in learning more about the Collections feature, including how to find and edit collections, conduct suggestive selling, and report on collections? Click below, or visit and search Inventory Collection. You’ll also find a handy tip sheet.