INTEGRATE + EDUCATE. Seamless Payment Processing + Unlimited Edge Training.

“We use integrated credit cards. Obviously you don’t have any screw ups with charging customers. You can’t mess up because it’s connected to The Edge. And it’s just easier to work with.”

– Will Doland, Doland Jewelers, Inc.
5 reasons why right now is the perfect time to Integrate + Educate your business.
  1. Eliminate costly mistakes: Mistakes at POS are costly. Integrate your payment process with The Edge and eliminate the worry of human error.
  2. Pay your current rate or less: More than ever, saving every penny counts. The Edge offers very competitive processing rates.
  3. Provide a better customer experience: Customers are cautious on how they spend right now, and one bad incident could permanently deter them from your business. With Integrate + Educate, you’ll ensure their payment experience is quick and pleasant.
  4. Earn FREE education: When you integrate, you’ll earn free unlimited Edge training, from Edge basics to advanced courses. Learn how to take advantage of all The Edge has to offer and shift your business into high gear.
  5. It’s easy to switch: We offer support to make the transition simple and smooth.

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