Import Images

A time-saving feature that makes it easier to deal with vendor images within your inventory.


The Import Images wizard feature mass import images from a vendor. You can then match these images to your inventory based on the style number.
Note: This only works if the images are named after the vendor’s style number.


To use this wizard:
  1. Click Inventory → Utilities → Image Wizard. The Import Images Wizard will appear.
  2. Click Next. Use the top drop-down to select the folder containing your vendor images. Use the bottom drop-down to select the folder to save the images (this defaults to your Edge photos folder).
  3. Click Next.
  • Vendor: Use this drop-down to select the vendor for these images.
  • When saving images: Append to Current will add new images and keep any existing. Overwrite All will remove existing images and add new (images are removed from The Edge, but not deleted from your computer).
  • Make image primary: When appending, check this to make the newly imported image the primary.
  • If the style code starts with the file name then add images: Check this to match images if the beginning of the file name matches the beginning of the vendor style (e.g., file 12345.jpg would match to style 123456-14K-WG).
  1. Specify your criteria and click Next. The software will compare the images to the items in your database and display the number of matches found.
  2. Use the Import Images button to import the matching styles. NOTE: Depending on the number of images this may take a few minutes to complete.


To learn more about this time-saving feature, and to view step-by-step screenshots of the “How It Works” process within The Edge, click below or visit and search Import Images Wizard. You’ll also find lots of other helpful tools and features, so stick around and explore the site!