Gift Certs Function

A way to track gift certificates purchased in your store through The Edge’s Customer menu.


Though gift certificates are usually issued and redeemed at the point of sale, if you want to track and review details, and edit them, use this Gift Cert function, accessed through the Customer menu.
Note that gift certificate features can be turned off in System Options.


To review details about gift certificate transactions.
  1. Select Gift Certs → Find from the Customer menu. The Find Gift Certificates window will appear.
          Fields and options in the Find Gift Certificates window include:
  • Certificate # - Returns certificates with the specified ID number.
  • Include - Allows you to select whether used, outstanding, or both types of certificates should appear.
  • From - Returns certificates purchased by a selected customer set.
  • Sale # - Returns certificates purchased during a particular transaction.
  • Sale Date - Returns certificates purchased during a particular date range.
  • To - Returns certificates intended for a particular person.
  • Used By - Returns certificates used by a particular customer.
  • Sale # - Returns certificates used during a particular transaction.
  • Sale Date - Returns certificates used on a particular day.
  1. Complete the fields as needed to retrieve the appropriate data.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The Gift Certificate List along with basic information about each will appear on the window.


Want to learn more about how to use the Gift Cert function in the Customer menu, including how to edit gift certificates? Click the button below, or visit and search Gift Certs in the “Customer” section. If you want to learn how to issue gift certificates, search for that in the “POS” section (we’ll cover that in a future Feature of the Week).