GIA Report

An integration that makes it easier for you to utilize the GIA website.


The GIA Report Integration allows you to import stones details directly from GIA into The Edge using the Stones tab on an item record. In addition to importing the cut, finish, dimensions, and quality information automatically, you can also choose to import the stone documents and images right to the item record.


You must have an active GIA account to use this integration. You must also apply for and set-up the integration to receive the plan license.
How to import a GIA Report:
You can begin this once your integration is complete.
  1. Navigate to Inventory → Items → Find or Inventory → Stones → Find.
  2. Enter criteria to locate the desired item and either double click or click Edit to open the record.
  3. Click the Stones tab and choose either the Add or Import Stone button at the bottom.
  4. Under Stone Type, click Import. The Stone Detail Download window will appear.
  5. Enter your GIA report number into the GIA Report # box and click the button to access the report.
  6. The stone type will default to diamond, but you may select a different stone type using the Stone Type drop-down menu. If images and documents are available to download, those boxes will become available to check/uncheck for download. Uncheck either option you wish not to download or leave both checked to download available images and documents to the item record.
  7. Click Save/Close to complete importing the GIA record.


For additional information, including a walk-through on how to sign-up for a GIA account and how to integrate your GIA account with The Edge, click the button or visit and search GIA Report. Then check out the rest of the site for more features and additional tools that can help your business become the best.