Geller SKUs

A way for you to utilize Geller SKUs within The Edge.


Allows you to easily import Geller SKUs directly into The Edge.
Please note: the Geller SKU import is licensed based, and does require you to purchase EACH new book that is released in order for the import to install. You can purchase the Geller Book directly through Geller by contacting Renie Geller at
Once purchased, they will alert The Edge Customer Service team who then will issue you a license via email that reflects your purchase of the Geller SKU Book allowing you to proceed to the next steps of installing or updating the Geller book. The email containing your new Edge License will also include steps on installing your license.
Once you have installed your new license and close/reopened The Edge, you may download the Geller SKUs.


You will find the link to download the Geller SKUs by visiting
Either log in with your current credentials, or contact The Edge Support Team at for assistance recovering your login.
Once logged in, you will then go to Downloads → Repair SKUs - where you will see the section for Geller, and from here you will choose the Geller SKU release you are ready to import.
  1. Click on the link to begin downloading but do NOT open the file when the download completes. Simply proceed to the next steps.
  2. Inside The Edge, click Administrative > Repair > Import SKU Table - which opens the Import SKU Table box.
  3. Select the file you just downloaded in the drop down box labeled "Import SKUs From File" at the top
  4. Below that, check ONLY "Overwrite All SKUs" - this will overwrite the old pricing with the NEW pricing.
    NOTE: If there are any SKUs you wish to keep that you have either custom created or edited, you will want to select one or both of the options to "Preserve SKUs modified and/or Created Here".
    NOTE: Before importing the SKUs, you need to make sure to go into Administrative > Repair > Repair SKUs - then locate the SKUs you wish to keep and check the boxes on the SKUs record to preserve the SKU when re-importing/importing a new Geller book.
  5. Check "Round to Dollar" if you wish.
  6. Push OK to import the SKUs. The Edge will let you know when the import has completed, and you can then close out of the window.


For additional information, including a tip sheet and tutorial video, click the button or visit and search Geller SKUs. Then check out the rest of the site for other features and additional tools that can help make your business more profitable.