Frequently Sold Items

Feature that allows you to more easily sell popular and frequently sold items from POS.


Lets you mark items as Frequently Sold on the Item Record. Once marked, they are easily accessible to sell as Frequently Sold from POS.


How to Mark Item as Frequently Sold:
To configure Job Workload Management settings:
  1. Use Item Find to search for and edit the item record.
  2. On the General tab, check the Frequently Sold checkbox.
  3. These items are tracked by Vendor and Vendor Style. When you mark an item as Frequently Sold, all other items of matching Vendor and Style will also have their Frequently Sold checkbox updated.
  4. Save your changes.
Using Frequently Sold Item at POS:
  1. From the POS screen, click Sell Item. This will add a new blank sale line.
  2. On the sale line, click Find/New, then select Frequently Sold from the menu.
  3. The Frequently Sold Items window will appear showing all items that have been marked frequently sold.
  4. Choose the item you wish to sell and click Select to add it to the sale.
  5. Finish the sale normally.
  • If there are multiple fine jewelry items of the same Vendor and Style marked frequently sold, the oldest one will always be selected for sale first.
  • To see which items you currently have marked frequently sold, use the POS Frequently Sold Items checkbox on the Item Details tab of Item Find.


For screenshots of using Frequently Sold Items at POS, or to learn how to remove an item from the Frequently Sold list, click the button below or visit and type in Frequently Sold Items. Ready to explore more? Take a look around the rest of the site for additional features and tools that can help you empower your business.