Postcard Marketing

The Edge has a sophisticated customer data management system that allows you to identify very specific customer segments within your customer database. The Edge Postcard Program allows you to target these segments to increase sales and profits.


This capability enables you to quickly and precisely target those customers with occasions occurring within the upcoming weeks. Marketing Research has shown that 20 percent of your customer base drives 80 percent of your sales. Target those repeat, loyal customers with a well-timed postcard driving them to an upcoming event or sale.


Part I: Establish an Annual Advertising Budget (see Part II of Postcard Marketing Strategies to learn how to achieve increased sales and profitability).
The typical Edge user allocates 7% of annual sales towards advertising. A monthly budget should be determined based on a percentage of sales that is established for your store. The typical Edge user’s annual budget allocated to customer retention ranges from $3,000 to $8,000.
We recognize that you need to always be acquiring new customers. At the same time, we encourage you to maximize the purchasing power of your most loyal and better customers. With this in mind, we recommend that you allocate your limited advertising budget as follows:
  • Allocate 90% to acquiring new customers.
  • Allocate 10% to maintaining and developing customer loyalty among your existing customers. This can be earmarked toward monthly birthday, anniversary, thank you, missing you, and service postcard mailings.
Focusing on customer retention and consistently communicating with your base will reduce your marketing costs and increase your store’s profitability; satisfied, repeat customers will come back and refer like-minded friends to do the same.
The Edge Postcard Program is all-inclusive and easy to execute because we will do ALL of the work for you for the low price of 89 cents per piece (including standard rate postage):
  • Develop professional creative design.
  • Personalize the direct mail piece with your customer’s name.
  • Customize the message with your store logo, contact information, and promotional offer.
  • Print on oversized 5.5” X 8.5”, high-gloss, 4-color on both sides using the latest in variable data and digital printing technologies.
  • Apply postage and mail the direct mail pieces to as few or as many customers as you specify.
When you use this program, you don’t have to spend anymore time:
  • Working with multiple agencies (ad, print, fulfillment, etc).
  • Applying address labels.
  • Affixing stamps.
  • Generating, uploading, and emailing customer lists.
  • Meeting minimum quantity volumes at the printer.
  • Wasting your time!


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