Postcard marketing

The Edge has a sophisticated customer data management system that allows you to identify very specific customer segments within your customer database. The Edge Postcard Program allows you to target these segments to increase sales and profits.


This capability enables you to quickly and precisely target those customers with occasions occurring within the upcoming weeks. Marketing Research has shown that 20 percent of your customer base drives 80 percent of your sales. Target those repeat, loyal customers with a well-timed postcard driving them to an upcoming event or sale.


Part II: How to Achieve Increased Sales & Profitability (see Part I of Postcard Marketing Strategies to learn how to establish an annual advertising budget).
  1. Setup a consistent Edge Postcard schedule
  • Set up a weekly birthday and anniversary mail out schedule. This will ensure that the postcard arrives in the recipient’s hands in the most timely manner.
  1. Setup Weekly Postcard Presets
  • Tie an offer to each Postcard type.
  • Set a time limit to redeem each offer.
  • Assign one person (with a backup) to run The Edge Postcard Program.
  • Establish a set time and day to run your weekly mailings.
  • Stick with your schedule; consistency pays dividends.
  1. Set up procedures to capture occasion data
  • Capture birthday and anniversary data at POS.
  • Establish monthly contests to reward the sales person with the most captured data.
  • Establish a Monthly Gift Card Giveaway to capture occasion data.
  1. Thank You Program
  • Send Thank You Postcards to clients with a large purchase in the last month.
  • Send a postcard with a dollar amount savings on their next purchase.
  • Set a time limit to redeem the offer.
  1. Missing You Program
  • Send Missing You Postcards to clients who have spent a certain dollar amount during the past three years (by category and /or vendor or a combination of the two) but have not spent anything in the last year.
  • Send a postcard with a dollar amount savings on their next purchase.
  • Set a time limit to redeem the offer.
  1. Service Reminder Program
  • Send a Service Reminder to all Engagement Ring purchasers at 6 months after purchase.
  • Check and clean their ring and prospect potential add on sales: wedding band sales, wedding gift and attendant’s gifts.
  • Make a Wish List with Wedding Gift while cleaning her ring.
  • Note finalized Wedding Date on customer’s record.
  • Send reminder to fiancé/husband for Wedding Gift one month before wedding date.


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