Drive Retail

Drive Retail is an Edge partner that provides a turnkey integrated marketing solution, allowing you to drive store traffic directly from The Edge.


Helps you retain current customers and acquire new ones through highly targeted direct mail campaigns. No minimum print quantities, and hundreds of free direct mail designs to choose from.


Order Postcards to be Sent
With a few clicks you are able to order postcards and queue them up to be sent directly from inside The Edge. Use The Edge's customer filter to make a selection of customers based on the criteria you set. Then select your card, fill out an offer and select a postage rate. That's all there is to sending out custom postcards for any occasion.
Set Up a Recurring Schedule
The Edge and Drive Retail let you set up a recurring schedule for any of the postcards that you want to send. Using the power of The Edge's customer filter you can target any segment of your customer base and send postcards out on any timed schedule you can think of. Just set it and forget it.
Some great examples are listed below.
  • Birthday cards for anyone that has spent $1,000 in the last year.
  • An Anniversary card for customers who bought an engagement ring from you.
  • Automatic thank you postcards for sales above $500.


Interested in learning more about Drive Retail? Email , or click the button below to launch our site. Log-in and search “Drive Retail” for an informational video, documents, and a direct link to the Drive Retail partner site. Then explore the rest of our Edge User site and empower your business through webinars, articles, and discussions with fellow Edge users.