Donate Items

The Donate Items Feature allows you to donate items to tax-exempt entities and track the activity within The Edge.


If you are donating product to a charity, non-profit, or any other type of event or group, this feature makes it easy to facilitate the donation within The Edge at point of sale. There are some important notes to remember before using this feature, including:

  • Tax Exempt Entity: A customer must have a designation as being a tax-exempt entity, and there must be a tax ID number on record. To designate a customer as tax exempt, find the customer record, and in the Options tab, check the Tax Exempt option.
  • Sold Alone: Donated items can only be “sold” alone or with other items to be donated. You cannot include them while conducting a regular transaction.
  • Returns: Donations may only be returned by the person to whom they were donated.


First, to give associates permission to perform donation transactions:
  1. Go to Administrative → Associates.
  2. Locate the associate in question and open their record.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. Check Donate an Item.
  5. Select OK/Save and Close.
To donate an item:
  1. Conduct a sale from the POS screen as usual.
  2. Create sale item lines as usual using Sell Item.
  3. To indicate an item is to be donated, in the line item, select More... From the More... sub-menu, select Donate. The sale line item will indicate a price of $0. Continue the transaction as usual.


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