The Description Templates feature lets you build templates to automate the creation of descriptions based on item details. These templates are managed on a per category basis.


Templates can be created for the following:
  • Item Description
  • Web Title
  • Web Description
  • Item Appraisal
  • Item Tag


How to create and/or edit a Description Template:
  1. Click Inventory → Categories → List and Edit the category
  2. Click on the Description Template tab.
  3. The radio selections in the middle of the form control which template you are working with. Available options include:
    • Item Description: The description that appears on the item record’s General tab.
    • Web Title: The web title that appears on the item record’s Website tab.
    • Web Description: The description that appears on the item record’s Website tab.
    • Item Appraisal: The full description that appears on the item record’s Pre-Appraise tab.
    • Item Tag: The text that appears on the item tag for data type Tag Template.
    1. Use the selector to choose a template. The list on the left shows all available data points. Note that by default only Primary Stone characteristics appear; to use data from additional stones, use the Add Stone button at the bottom.
    2. The Value Only checkbox in the center of the form controls whether to include just the data point’s raw value or to also include a label. When working with Value Only data points, you have the ability to add additional conditional text.
    3. To begin building your template, select each data point you wish to include from the list in the left and either double click or use the Insert button.
    4. Each inserted data point will appear in the top part of the form and a Preview of the template’s actual output will appear in the bottom. You can also type text directly into the template.
    5. Data points that are Value Only will appear here inside double brackets while those that include labels will be single bracketed. For those that are Value Only, conditional text can be inserted between the brackets.
    6. Text inserted between brackets will only appear if that data point exists. Text inserted outside of brackets will always appear.
    7. Once you have created templates for one category, use the Copy To button at the bottom to quickly apply this to multiple categories.
    8. From the Item Record, use the Suggest button to automatically generate the text.
    9. The system option Suggest Updates all Templates controls whether clicking Suggest on the item’s General tab builds only that description or also updates the text on the Pre-Appraise and Website tabs.


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