Dates Letter Codes

By default, The Edge prints the date entered and cost of each item on printed jewelry tags. This date and cost is disguised by random characters and positioned with dashes so that you can read the date and cost of an item if you know the formula.


The cost-date code is designed to allow the user, but not the customer, to quickly ascertain the date the item was added into inventory and the cost. That way decisions can be made concerning discounting, etc.


Tag Dates
When viewing a cost-date code on a tag, look for for random characters that separate the fields of month and year of acquisition and cost.
Using the table and example below, this would be an item that was entered into inventory in May of 2014 and has a cost of $1,500. Practice reading this on a few of your tags so you can quickly obtain the information without a customer knowing.
i.e., 10-51431-5007
Custom Letter Codes
We recommend that you consider using The Edge’s default cost feature because it requires no maintenance or set up. To do so, visit Default Date and Cost Formula for instructions. However, if you wish to employ your own cost code, you will need to set-up a custom tag layout for each category to reflect the code.
  1. From the Category window, Tags tab, select Add to add a new field. You can remove an existing field to make room.
  2. Select Cost (or the appropriate data field) from the Data drop-down menu.
  3. Select LetterCode from the Format menu. This includes whole dollar amounts. You may also choose LetterCode*10 to get one decimal place or LetterCode*100 to get two decimal places.
  4. Type your alpha cost code in the Parameter field. The parameter text is in numeric order starting from 0 and going to 9. In this example, the cost code is the word.
BLACKHORSE. If you want to use 1 through 9 with the 0 at the end, you would specify “EBLACKHORS”
For example, if you put an item in that costs $4,500.59, using the above cost code, it will appear as KHBB on the tag. If you chose LetterCode*10, it would be KHBBH. If you chose LetterCode*100, it would be KHBBHE.


For more on how to use the Tag Dates and Letter Codes feature, and to download a handy tip sheet, click below, or visit and Tag Formats and Letter Codes. You’ll also find other documents and a tutorial video on using tags within The Edge.