The Dashboard Feature allows you to put pertinent data at your fingertips in an intuitive, graphical display.


Dashboards consist of tiles, which can be set-up to display different data that’s most relevant to specific associates, or all associates. Dashboards are meant to help organize the data that’s necessary to effectively run your store.

Dashboards consist of four types of tiles:
  • Numeric: Displays a single number, like sales or repair pick-ups (1 by 1 tiles)
  • Gauge: Displays a gauge where you can set a goal like # of sold items, # of care plans you want to sell/have been sold so far (use on 1 by 1 and 2 by 2 tiles)
  • Chart: Displays a pie, bar, or doughnut chart where you can show # of sold items by category or associate (use on 2 by 2 tiles)
  • List View: Displays a list of actionable records, like tasks to do (use on 2 by 2 tiles)


  1. To create a new Dashboard, click Dashboards from the top navigation menu > Add. Fill in all fields and click OK. The Dashboard Management window will appear. Click Save/Close in the lower right corner for now (later, you’ll be able to reorganize them). Your new button will appear on the left under “Dashboards.”
  2. Click on the button you’ve created. The blank Dashboard will appear. Choose a tile size (e.g., 1 by 1, Numeric) then click the Gear button to select the data to be displayed. Note that some tile sizes are restricted from displaying certain Dashboard types.
  3. Use the drop downs to select the data set (e.g., sales data), data value to display (e.g., # sales by an associate), and chart type (pie). The tile will automatically fill in with the data you’ve selected, but you can change it. Click save and repeat the process with as many tiles on this Dashboard as you like. To delete a tile, use the Remove Tile button. Click the Gear icon at the top right when finished to toggle out of configuration mode.


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