Daily Activity Report

A report that is useful for end-of-the-day reconciliation.


The Daily Activity report details each transaction by sale number, customer, goods, services, pricing (including subtotal, tax, and total), tender received, which account the customer used, and notes about future activity.


  1. To run the Daily Activity report, navigate to Reports → Activity → Daily - the Daily Activity Report filter window will appear.
  2. As with other reports, the Daily Activity report can be grouped multiple ways using the Group/Sort by...window. Decide which information field is displayed first by checking the box for your choice, then clicking and dragging to the top of the list. Data fields include:
  • Sale #: Lists the sale number.
  • Customer: Lists the customer name.
  • Goods: Lists the total sale from goods.
  • Services: Lists the total sale from services.
  • Other: Lists the total sale from other categories.
  • Subtotal: Subtotal of sales from goods, services, and other.
  • Tax: Tax collected on sales.
  • Total: Total of sales and taxes.
  • Tender: Total of amounts paid at the time of sale.
  • On Acct: Total of amounts charged to a store account.
  • Future: Indicates future value of pending sales
  1. Check the Show Details box to see each receipt listed individually on your report. If this box is NOT checked, then only the totals (including Avg Sale) will show for each group.
  2. Once you've made all your selections, click OK to run your report. Your report will have a series of sections and columns showing the results for your chosen search criteria. For a detailed breakdown of this, visit


For additional information and a detailed report breakdown, click the button or visit and search Daily Activity Report. Then check out the rest of the site for other features and additional tools that can help make your business more profitable.