Customer Rankings

Customer Rankings provides an easy way to see a customer’s standing with your store.


This feature will display key statistics and provide metrics. These appear on the bottom of the General tab of the Customer Display. Note: For multi-store users, rankings are calculated company-wide. They are NOT store-specific.
Customer Rankings are as follows:
  • Overall Rank: The customer’s overall rank in your store based on total dollars spent.
  • Merchandise Rank: The customer’s rank based on merchandise purchases.
  • Repair Rank: The customer’s rank based on the amount spent on custom and repair jobs.
  • Transaction Rank: The customer’s rank based on the number of transactions made.


How to set up Customer Rankings
There are three new System Options and an Associate Permission added that are relevant to this feature. The Associate Permission is required to Edit or Delete your Customer Rankings.
To Access System Options
  1. Navigate to Administrative → System Options.
  2. To see all available options, use the search bar and search Rank. Available options include:
  • Days to Include Customer Rankings: The number of days to analyze when calculating ranking. For example, 365 would only look at the last 365 days of sales. The default is 1,095 (3 years) and the maximum is 3,652 (10 years).
  • Number of Customers to Rank: The number of customers to rank. The default is 200.
  • Show Ranks on Customer Display: This controls whether you want to display rankings. Set to False to disable this feature.
To Access Associate Permission
  1. Navigate to Administrative → Associates → Associate List.
  2. Double click on the associate to open the Associate Record and click the Security tab.
  3. Use the search bar and search Rank to locate the Customer Rankings permission.
  4. Check the box for Delete and Update Rankings, then select a Save option to apply your changes.


For more information on this feature, including how to use Customer Rankings, click below or visit and search Customer Rankings. You’ll also find a handy tip sheet to walk you through every facet of this feature.