Customer Pop-Up Tab

Customer Pop-Ups are notices that appear at Point of Sale (POS) to remind associates to notify customers of messages. A pop-up might prompt the associate that the customer’s anniversary is approaching and they may wish to look for a gift. Or it may be useful to prompt customers about items they inquired about previously.


Fields and options in the Pop-Up tab include:
  • Entered: The date the pop-up was created; this is entered by The Edge.
  • Who: If a couple account, to whom the pop-up applies.
  • Start: The date the pop-up is effective.
  • End: The date the pop-up should stop appearing.
  • Done: Whether the pop-up was addressed at POS.
  • Title: The name of the pop-up.
  • Add: Allows you to add a pop-up.
  • Edit: Allows you to edit an existing pop-up.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete a pop-up.
  • Inactive: Allows you to see pop-ups that have been marked inactive.


To create a Pop-Up:
  1. Select Add from the Pop-Ups tab. The New Pop-Ups window will appear.
  2. Customize the relevant fields. Fields and options in the New Pop-Up window include:
    • Inactive: Unlike Delete, Inactive stores a pop-up that is no longer used and is not visible in the list view unless you expressly select Show Inactive.
    • Title: Descriptive name
    • Extra Emphasis/Pop-Up: Whether it should “pop up”
    • Pop-Up Type: Whether it should pop-up for just the individual, or both, if a couple account.
    • Pop-Up Starts: When this should start. If left blank, it will start immediately.
    • Pop-Up Ends: When it should stop. If left blank, it will continue indefinitely.
    • Marked as Done: Date when it was resolved at POS by checking the “do not show this pop-up again.”
    • Notes: Content.
    • Entered: Date created.
    • Last Modified: Date, if any, it was edited.
  3. Press OK/Save & Close.


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