Customer Performance

The Customer Performance Report tells you what portion of your customers make up the largest portion of sales, which is helpful for marketing purposes. Often, 10% of your customers generate 80% of your sales, and it’s important to know who those customers are and what they purchase. You might have previously known this as the Percentiles Report.


Breaks down your sales data into customer segments so that you can target those customers that spend the most with you for marketing purposes. Data fields in the Performance Report for you to analyze include:

  • A Pie Chart, depicting the percentiles graphically.
  • A % Sales column, showing percentage of sales in 10% increments.
  • A Sales column, showing the total sales in that percentile increment.
  • A Cumulative Sales column, showing a running total of sales including sales from the previous percentile category.
  • A Customers column, featuring the number of customers in that percentile. Click to see the list of customers.
  • A Cumulative Customers column, showing a running total of customers including customers from the previous percentile category.
  • An Average Customer column, showing what, in that percentile, the average customer spent.]


  1. To run the Customer Performance Report, click Reports → Customers → Performance. Specify the sales date range you want to analyze, leaving other fields blank.
  2. Customize the report. If you don’t want to include open layaways as sales, check the Exclude Open Layaways option. If you want to base the calculation on total money collected instead of total sales, check the Based on Tender option.
  3. Click OK to generate.
  4. Click on the interactive report to bring up a list of matching customers, which can be exported or added to a mailing list.


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