customer activity tab

The Customer Activity Tab contains data concerning the customer’s transaction history.


The Activity Tab of the Customer window includes a listing of transactions and other activities involving that customer. From here it allows you to work with sales, make returns, and provide information to the customer about his or her accounts.
Fields and options in the Activity Tab include:
Criteria: Allows you to narrow the list of transactions listed
  • Merchandise
  • Repairs
  • Custom Jobs
  • Appraisals
  • Layaway
  • Special Orders
  • Postcards
  • Tender
  • Store Credit
  • House Account
  • Returns
  • Trade-In
  • Misc Items
  • Notifications
  • Care Plan
  • Other
All: Allows you to quickly select all type of criteria.
None: Allows you to quickly clear all types of criteria.
Join Account: Whether to include just the customer, just the spouse/partner, or both as a couple.
See Sale: For an item listed in the record, it generates a preview of the sales receipt.
See Item/Services: For an item listed in the record, it opens the record.
Return Item: For an item listed in the record, it takes you to the POS window to process its return.
Print List: Generates a hard copy of the activity list.
Presets: Allows you to load or save settings for Criteria.
Date: The date of sale.
Sale#: The transaction ID number.
Item#/Service #: The item ID number or ID number of the service activity.
Sold: Price for which item sold.
Retail: The original full retail price.
Desc: Description of the item.


To view the details of a sale or service:
  1. From the Activity tab of the Customer Edit window, select the sale to be viewed.
  2. Select See Item/Service. The transaction record will appear.
  3. Depending on the status of the item or service, you may be able to make changes. For sales, you can void the sale or change the Why In? value. For services, you can work with the service as you would at point of sale (POS). However, we recommend reversing a sale rather than voiding it. If the activity is a postcard, editing the record will return the postcard record.


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