Custom Jobs

The Custom Jobs feature allows you to track custom work for customers, including modifying an existing item or creating a new piece.


The Custom Jobs feature shares much of its functionality with the Repair feature starting in POS and working through the jobs in the Service menu. Using the Custom Jobs feature, you'll be able to track:

  • Initial Intake at POS
  • Completion of work in the back office
  • Final pick up at POS
Though payments can be made at any time between intake and pick up, a custom job will not be available for pick up until all tasks have been marked as done (this is by default). When a customer comes for pick up, any outstanding balance will be due


  1. To intake a new custom job, open POS and click the Custom Job Intake button. The Custom Job Intake window will appear with the General tab open. Describe the custom item in the box, then fill in the remaining fields as desired and click on the Tasks tab to add the necessary tasks to complete work on your custom job.
  2. Enter Description and Price details on the task line (a Custom Job must contain at least one task to describe the work being done). You can also use the Find SKU button to look up an existing repair SKU. If you’d like to enter additional or more thorough information, click the Details button, which will open the Custom Job Task Details window. Use the Add Task button to add more tasks if needed. Change the task order by selecting them and using the Move Up/Down buttons.
  3. Optionally, you can also add parts to your Custom Job by visiting the Parts tab, then clicking the Add button to bring up the New Part window. If you want to use a part from inventory, click the Item # drop-down to search. Inventory items will not be taken out of your stock until the repair is picked up. Add any additional notes to the History tab, which will keep an ongoing record of the job. Click OK/Save & Close to add this custom job to the sale.


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