Creating Labels

Using The Edge's powerful customer find filter, you can generate mailing labels for all customers in the system or for a specific selection (customer’s who have purchased a certain type of product).


This allows you to target and send out mailings to certain segments of customers in just a few clicks.


Note: We are programmed for Avery 1500 Labels.
To begin creating mailing labels:
  1. Select Labels from the Clientele menu. The Print Customer Labels window will appea
  2. Select the Customer Criteria drop-down menu to access the Customer Find feature.
    • Select criteria for the mailing list.
    • Narrow your criteria by entering as much information as desired.
    • Use the results tab to specify what name to use as the addressee for this mailing. This tab gives you control in selecting specific lists of customers (i.e., married couples who have an anniversary next month). Be sure to check the default format options as described below before you select the customer list.
      Note: Selecting OK without entering any criteria will prompt The Edge to prepare mailing labels for everyone that has a preferred mailing address. A mailing will not include customers without a preferred mailing address.
  3. Use the fields in the Label Format area to format the label.
    • "N" across: The number of labels that run across the printed page
    • Width Ea: The width of each label
    • Left Margin: The left margin of the page
    • "N" down: The number of labels that run down the printed page
    • Height Ea: The height of each label
    • Top Margin: The top margin of the page
    • Inside Margins: The margin on each edge of each label
    • Portrait: Indicates that the page containing the labels is in portrait orientation
    • Landscape: Indicates that the page containing the labels is in landscape orientation
    • Fonts: Returns a standard font dialogue
  4. Select OK. A list of customers to include will appear.
  5. Check the ones you wish to print.
  6. Select OK to preview the labels before they are printed.
  7. Select the Print from the lower left corner of the preview window to print the labels or select Close to go back and edit the list.


If you’re interested in learning more about creating customer labels or even generating a customer list for mailing, click below or visit and search “Labels.” We also have a video tutorial to better help you learn.