Cardknox Text to Invoice

The Text to Invoice feature utilizes The Edge and Cardknox integration, and allows you to conveniently send invoices to your customers via text or email.


As an alternative to processing a payment immediately to complete a sale in POS, this integration lets you send invoices via text or email. Customers will receive an invoice with a link to pay directly through the Cardknox website.You can then load the paid invoice back into POS to complete the sale through Edge.
This feature is ONLY for Edge versions or higher.


  • You must be a Cardknox customer to use this feature. Existing Cardknox customers must also sign up for this feature directly with Cardknox. Please see the Signing Up section below for more information on signing up for the Text to Invoice feature.
Signing Up:
  • Cardknox Text to Invoice is a licensed-based Edge integration requiring an initial sign-up through Cardknox. They will alert our Administrative team about your subscription who will then issue you a new Edge license via email. The newly issued license must be installed prior to using this feature in Edge. Installation steps are included with your license.
    To have Cardknox activate this feature fill out the form below:
    Text to Invoice Sign Up
Text to Invoice Set-up: Configuration
The first step to setting up Cardknox Text to Invoice is to configure the Cardknox DLL. This is an important first step for using this feature and must be done on each workstation with a credit card reader attached.
To set the Cardknox DLL:
  1. Navigate to Administrative → Configuration.
  2. Scroll down to the Plug-Ins section and click on Credit Card Processor Plug-Ins, then click the button with the 3 dots to the right.
  3. The Open File window will open. Navigate to the folder C:\program files (x86)\ajsllc\Edge and select the file Edge_CC_CARDKNOX.DLL, then click Open.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.


For more information on using Text to Invoice, including setting up the System Option for Cardknox, customizing Notification Templates, and utilizing Text to Invoice at POS, click the button below or visit and search Cardknox Text to Invoice. You’ll also find a tutorial video and tip sheet. Explore for more resources, features, and integrations.